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Separation Anxiety in Toddlers at Daycare

Separation Anxiety in ToddlersSeparation anxiety in toddlers and infants can be as distressing to the parents as it is to the child. Infant separation anxiety can occur in little ones as young as six months of age. By six months of age, infants are already quite attached to the person who has primary responsibility for their care. The peak age for separation anxiety in toddlers is about 10 months. The level of anxiety should begin to improve around age 15 months. Separation anxiety in toddlers is characterized by strong protests in the form of crying, screaming, pleading and clinging.

Top 10 Herbal Remedies for Anxiety

Herbal Remedies for AnxietyHerbal remedies for anxiety may be worth a try if looking to avoid unnecessary side effects from prescription and over the counter medications such as addiction, other health issues, and more. Some may turn to other stress reducers for an added insurance such as preventing panic attacks while sleeping or awake, and other anxiety issues. Stress reducers such as yoga, meditation, visual or music therapy, and more are mind/body altering actions which will play a role in limiting stress induced anxiety.

Infant Separation Anxiety – What New Moms Should Know About?

Infant Separation AnxietyInfant separation anxiety starts affecting virtually all infants at about 6-9 month age. At this age infants get attached to their primary caregivers and start understanding object permanence concept. In their eyes if they don’t see you for a moment it means you are gone forever as they are still to grasp the concept of time.

Some experts believe that your child’s temperament plays an important role in infant separation anxiety progression. If your child is generally hard to soothe, has trouble establishing a normal sleep pattern and is cared for exclusively by one caregiver, the manifestation of infant separation anxiety might be somewhat stronger.