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Tongue Cancer Prognosis – What Are My Option?

Tongue Cancer PrognosisThe earlier it is detected, the better the tongue cancer prognosis. If you have more than two of the following symptoms, you should see your dentist or doctor. If you do have tongue or another oral cancer, early diagnosis and treatment leads to the most favorable tongue cancer prognosis. Men over 40 years of age who smoke, chew tobacco, drink alcohol to excess, frequently experience canker sores

Throat Cancer Symptoms

Throat Cancer SymptomsThroat cancer symptoms include difficulty swallowing or a feeling that something is stuck in the back of the throat. Hoarseness that does not go away or seems to have no other cause and also a change in the voice are other throat cancer symptoms. Other throat cancer symptoms include pain or lumps in the neck. There is no difference between symptoms of throat cancer in women or in men.

Mouth Cancer Symptoms

Mouth Cancer SymptomsMouth cancer symptoms include bumps, lumps, thickenings or swellings, crusts, rough spots or erosion of gums, lips, or any other place inside the mouth. Some people develop red, white or speckled patches inside the mouth that appear velvety. Other mouth cancer symptoms include bleeding in the mouth that has no other explanation, loss of feeling or numbness, and pain or tenderness in the neck, mouth, or face.