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Ball of Foot Pain – Metatarsalgia Causes and Remedies

Ball of Foot PainMetatarsalgia is the most common cause of ball of foot pain. Unfortunately, this condition cannot always be avoided, even if you are exceedingly careful. Athletes, particularly runners, gymnasts and dancers are predisposed to develop metatarsal pain simply because of the nature of their work. Being overweight or obese can also make you more prone to having ball of foot pain, but these factors are simply a few examples of the most common reasons.

Metatarsal Pads: 10 Best Products!

Metatarsal PadsUnlike insoles, metatarsal pads are geared toward consumers that have centralized pain in the soles of the feet. If you like to wear high heels or jog for hours at a time, the pain that you can experience in the foot pads can be completely debilitating. Thankfully, metatarsal pain can be easily managed by wearing a pair of the top 10 best metatarsal foot pads listed below.

Metatarsalgia Treatment For Runners

Metatarsalgia TreatmentRunners are not the only people interested in new metatarsalgia treatment advancements, but this painful condition is especially hard on those that spend a lot of time on their feet. In short, metatarsalgia is similar to a heel spur

Toe Numbness Herbal Remedies

Toe NumbnessIf you are experiencing toe numbness there are some herbal remedies that can help. Whether the problem is caused by foot swelling, peripheral neuropathy, or something else there are several herbs which can help treat this symptom. Ginkgo Biloba is a very effective herb when it comes to this problem. It improves circulation through your entire body, and is thought to have cardiovascular benefits as well but there have not been enough scientific studies to verify this yet.

Swollen Feet and Ankles: Causes and Remedies

Swollen Feet and AnklesSwollen feet and ankles are not symptoms for only pregnant women. It is true that women who are expecting will have a problem fitting into their shoes for the last few weeks of their pregnancy. However, various conditions will cause swelling of the lower extremities. Most often, this is a painless symptom of other health issues like poor circulation in feet.

There are many possible causes of swollen feet and ankles. Someone who stands for many hours, possibly because of a job like a hair stylist, or a cashier at a grocery store, will have foot swelling along with puffy ankles. Like pregnant women, the elderly may be more prone to lower extremity swelling.

Sore Feet from Running – How Can I Fix This Problem?

Sore Feet from RunningAre sore feet from running holding you back from pushing yourself to reach your fitness goals?

Sore feet from running can affect even an experienced runner at some point of his jogging career. Improperly fitted shoes, running along a rough terrain and not stretching long enough before a workout are major contributors to feet numbness and sore feet from running as a result of that.

An experienced podiatrist will be able to carefully examine your feet and find exact underlying causes for your sore feet from running.

Foot Swelling – What Might Be Causing It?

Foot SwellingIf you experience foot swelling on a regular basis this can be a cause for concern. There are many reasons that you may notice swelling in your feet, some that are no cause for concern and some that may be serious and require immediate medical attention. A mosquito bite swelling is one reason why your foot may swell, and if you get bit frequently this problem can recur. This cause is not serious, and usually the swelling will go down within hours.

Numb Big Toe Causes

Numb Big ToeHave you asked yourself a question what is causing my big toe being numb? Is it just tight shoes or something much bigger going on? In order to answer the question of what is causing the numb big toe, you need to assess all possible symptoms and exact sensations that you are experiencing.

Are you on your feet all day, sitting at the desk or have you been traveling by airplanes a lot lately? Poor circulation in feet could be triggered by prolonged sitting or standing position when blood does not flow freely restricting oxygen supply and as a result giving you a numb big toe.