Torn Hip Labrum Surgery Review

Torn Hip Labrum SurgeryTorn hip labrum surgery may become necessary if you have a labral tear, And this condition is common in athletes and sports which require a lot of hip flexion. In the past these injuries may have been missed and thought to be a pulled groin instead, but thanks to newer technologies it is now possible to diagnose these tears. The best orthopedic surgeons can perform torn labrum surgery using arthroscopic methods in many cases, and this technique requires a shorter recovery time and is minimally invasive but gives excellent results. X-rays and an MRI of the hip area will be performed to diagnose that a tear is the problem, and then surgery will be done to correct the tear.

During the torn hip labrum surgery small incisions are made near the hip, which are half a centimeter in size, and then the torn labrum is either cleaned or removed using arthroscopic tools. Traditional hip replacement surgery and recovery times before arthroscopic surgery were much longer, and involved higher risks for complications. Torn hip labrum surgery involves general anesthesia, and you will need to stay in the hospital afterwards. Crutches will be used after the surgery for a minimum of two weeks, and you may need these for up to six weeks depending on your specific medical condition. Scars from this surgery are very small and barely noticeable.

After you have had torn hip labrum surgery you will need some physical therapy. This will help improve your range of motion and allow the labrum to heal without any tissue damage or loss of function. This procedure takes less recovery time and is not as difficult or invasive as having hip resurfacing done, and can eliminate any pain or other symptoms caused by the tear in the labrum. After you have recovered and no longer have pain you can go back to the usual physical activities including sports participation. Torn hip labrum surgery may be the best option in many cases, although it is not the first treatment tried most of the time.