Triglyceride Diet Plan – How to Create Optimal Menu?

Triglyceride Diet PlanHow can you create an optimal menu for a triglyceride diet plan? The first step is knowing which triglycerides foods to avoid in the diet. Triglycerides are raised when excessive sugars and carbohydrates are consumed, so you will need to minimize these foods if you can not eliminate them completely. Stay away from sodas and other sugary drinks, and choose water instead. Add a lemon, lime, or orange slice for flavor if plain water is unappealing.

Sugars, starches, and grains which have been highly processed are common foods that raise triglycerides too high, and these should not be included in the diet. Instead choose fresh fruits for a sweet treat, and pick wheat or multigrain breads instead of the white variety. Brown rice can be included in a triglyceride diet plan, but white rice should be avoided. Bananas and potatoes should also be left out of your optimal menu, but fish is encouraged and should include tuna, salmon, and sardines.

The oils used in a triglyceride diet plan, both for cooking and for dressings and sauces, are important. Olive oil is the best choice, but canola oil is also acceptable in a triglycerides diet. Bake or broil meats and fish instead of frying them, and choose meats which are very lean and contain little extra fat. Dairy products should be low fat, and you should avoid yogurt that is sweetened or has fruit added. Instead buy plain low fat yogurt and mix in fresh berries or other fruit for a snack that is low in fat and sugar but that tastes delicious.

Once you know how to lower your triglycerides and which foods to include you can begin preparations for your diet menu. Each meal in your triglyceride diet plan should include acceptable foods from each of the food groups, and you should also include two or three healthy snacks in each day as well. Create a list of optimal foods which keep your triglycerides low from each food group, and then create a menu plan according to your personal tastes. This ensures a diet plan that you will follow and not find too restrictive, but that is also healthy and lowers your triglyceride levels.