Trilipix Side Effects – What To Be Aware Of?

Trilipix Side EffectsWhile treating patients for elevated triglycerides and high cholesterol, physicians may prescribe Trilipix. This drug is also generically named fenofibric acid. Trilipix side effects vary in all patients. However, some have reported side effects ranging from minor to intense. The more typical complaints are; severe to moderate back pain, diarrhea, dizziness and headaches. In some cases, heartburn and indigestion can occur.

Sometimes nausea, sore throat and upper respiratory tract infection can occur. When a diagnosis of high triglycerides shows up on a medical test, doctors will suggest many other changes that are necessary. This is to help their patients get the most benefit that they can when being prescribed Trilipix.
The main goal of taking Trilipix is to minimize the triglycerides in your blood. Normally, this will be accomplished within two to four months of being on a low-fat diet. You will also need to exercise in order to get the full effect of Trilipix.

If, after two months you show no or minimal changes in your triglyceride levels, your doctor will suggest other similar treatments. When and if these trilipix side effects start to outweigh the benefits, you should consider alternatives by discussing it with your doctor. The only worry you should have about taking any medication is following up with your doctor to better monitor the progress of the drug and life changes.

Eating certain foods will decrease the potency of Trilipix, which will, in turn, cause your body to continue to overproduce triglycerides. Organ meats like liver, dairy products, oily fish and prepackaged lunch meats are all triglycerides foods to avoid. With regular use, you will get to know all trilipix dosage requirements easily. With the right combination of food and medication, these trilipix side effects will ultimately dissipate, or at least become more tolerable.

Using Trilipix as prescribed by your doctor, along with a change in diet, should help to reduce triglycerides production as well as the production of HDL. These are all key to reducing the main factors that leads to heart attack, heart disease and stroke. In most cases of continuous usage, trilipix side effects are manageable and allow patients to continue with their daily lives as usual without interruption.