Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift Cost – How Can I Save By Doing Both?

Tummy Tuck and Breast LiftThere are many reasons that procedures for a tummy tuck and breast lift are done at the same time. They are often included together in a “mommy makeover”, which is common for people seeking a tummy tuck after c section delivery. Because of the changes in a woman’s body that come with pregnancy, age, or weight loss or gain, it’s extremely likely that you might be considering a breast lift with your lower body lift, and therefore the combination procedure of a tummy tuck and breast lift might be ideal for you. If you still aren’t convinced, there are financial savings to be had by combining the procedures.

Why are there financial savings? Well, think of how cosmetic surgery costs are calculated. The anesthesiologist is a charge. You would benefit by only playing this charge one time. Additionally, the facility fee would be a single occurrence, because you will only be using the bed one time. Having a tummy tuck and breast lift done at the same time can also likely result in a lower fee from the plastic surgeon than if he or she had performed both surgeries simultaneously. Now, bear in mind that you will still pay more money for both procedures at once than either on their own, but there are genuine cost savings to be had by combining your breast augmentation and abdominoplasty cost.

The benefits go beyond just having a fatter wallet, think about recovery. Because plastic surgery recovery is often a painful process, combining your tummy tuck and breast lift procedures can be very beneficial during the recovery stages. While you will have increased soreness, your down time will be greatly reduced as you are stacking the abdominoplasty recovery with the breast lift recovery together. Many people report that the recovery from the Abdominal surgery is worse than that of the chest area, meaning that it’s likely that your healing time for your breast area will simply be intertwined with your already in progress healing.

If you are considering either form of plastic surgery, talk to your health care provider or a reputable plastic surgeon. He or she will discuss the benefits of having dual procedures done, as well as the risks involved.