Tummy Tuck Complications – What To Be Aware Of?

Tummy Tuck ComplicationsAs with any surgical procedure, there are risks involved. You will have to weigh the risks with your physician before determining if a tummy tuck is right for you.

There are many reasons why many women, and even men, opt for abdominoplasty. Pregnancy and weight loss are the most common reasons. In the case of the boys, weight loss is the most common reason for a male tummy tuck, but this reason is often cited by women as well. Deciding that you want this cosmetic procedure is often easy, until you begin to weigh the associated tummy tuck complications. For what many consider to be an expensive and tolling undertaking, how much lighter your wallet will be is not the only thing you may need to worry about when considering a tummy tuck.

Normal surgical complications are sometimes present as they can occur anytime scalpels are involved. These include bruising, infection and poor wound healing. Specific tummy tuck complications can include fluid buildup, unattractive scarring, blood clots and skin loss. There are also the cases of tummy tucks gone wrong, where necrosis and wound separation occur. While not painful, cosmetic side effects can occur such as asymmetry and loose skin, often associated with pregnancy after tummy tuck procedures. Abdominoplasty recovery times can vary, and many of these complications manifest themselves during the recovery period.

There are tummy tuck complications that can be painful. These include nerve damage, swelling in the legs and cardiac and pulmonary complications. In addition, sometimes the end result of abdominoplasty isn’t what you had hoped for and the surgery can yield unattractive results, which can even lead to additional corrective surgeries.

It’s extremely important to consider tummy tuck complications when deciding if this procedure is right for you. If performed by a reputable surgeon and under the right circumstances, this procedure can help to build confidence and reshape the body in ways that exercise and toning are not able to. Discuss this procedure with your health care provider and a reputable surgeon to ensure that you are physically prepared for the surgery and the potential risks involved.