Types of Dental Implants Available On A Market Today

Types Of Dental ImplantsIn addition to the different types of dental implants that can be used to perfect your smile, there are also different operation techniques. Dental implants are categorized into three basic groups.

The most popular variety includes root formed dental implants. Set just below the gum tissue, a surgeon will use titanium dental implants to set the false teeth in place and give the patient a uniform appearance. Subperiosteal dental implants require a more invasive procedure, but the results are also very long lasting. Lastly, there are types of dental implants that are formed in the shape of a plate. This type of implant is only used when the patient has some sort of jaw bone deficiency that makes other varieties impossible to use.

The most affordable dental implants are mini implants, which are almost always placed in the gums at a superficial level. Mini dental implants are a great choice for patients that have one, two or three teeth that need to be replaced or those that don’t have access to comprehensive medical insurance. There are also crown dental implants that require no surgery and cost considerably less.

When decides what types of dental implants to use, cost is probably the most important deciding factor. Titanium implants are, by far, the most costly, but they are also the most practical. Titanium will not cause any adverse chemical reactions in your mouth, which will make it possible for you to eat hot and cold foods and brush your teeth with no issues.

Although you may know exactly which dental implants you want, you will need to be realistic. If you need to have extensive work performed on your teeth, mini dental implants may be impractical. It is likely that your surgeon will use root form dental implants, which require general anesthesia.

There are places where free dental implants are made available to patients, but you won’t be able to have much control over who does the surgery. Dental schools regularly give patients free or heavily discounted services, but realize that you will be working with a practicing student. While there are multiple types of dental implants being used today, there is only one type that is right for you.