Umbilical Hernia in Adults Symptoms

Umbilical Hernia In AdultsAn umbilical hernia in adults sounds like someone forgot to do something at the hospital before your proud mom and pop took you home when you were just a day or two old. Such is not the case for an umbilical hernia has less to do with your birth date and usually more to do with your lifestyle.

Does your belly button have a belly button? If so, it just might be a tiny piece of your intestine that is sticking out in between your 6 pack abs. This lump may come and go depending on how your body is moving at the time. An umbilical hernia in adults can also cause abdominal pain and stomach pain and bloating. Unlike adults, the symptoms are a bit easier to point out in cases of pediatric hernia, such as vomiting in infants and discoloration of the escaping gut nugget. In small children however unlike adults, the umbilical hernias usually resolve themselves in a couple of years.

Because a bloated stomach causes discomfort on its own, an umbilical hernia in adults can be quite painful. Bowel movements and coughing exacerbate already present symptoms and in the event of a strangulated hernia, not only is the symptomatic pain persistent, the situation must be treated immediately with surgery as risk for peritonitis, a severe infection, is greatly increased.

While affecting less than 2% of adults, surgical repairs for umbilical hernia in adults are common procedures. Umbilical hernia repair is done via surgery with traditional tools, or with a laparoscope. The hernia is separated from surrounding tissues, and unless damaged, the intestine is left untouched.

Chances are if you have and umbilical hernia and you are not a two year old, you have asked your doctor about it. If you have not, and are having abdominal pain, see your physician as soon as possible. While an umbilical hiatal hernia on its own doesn’t sound like a life or death matter, a peritonitis infection resulting from a poorly managed umbilical hernia can be life threatening. Your physician will determine the best course of surgical treatment for your medical condition to prevent the possibility of future complications.