Urinary Incontinence Surgery: 10 Tips for Fast Recovery

Urinary Incontinence SurgeryMany know what a nuisance it is to suffer from bladder leakage and urinary frequency. When there is an abundance of output from the bladder, this is known as urinary inconsistency. Such urinary conditions are more common in women than in men. Urethral catheterization is often used to empty bladders of urine. This method commonly leads to infection. Often times, urinary incontinence surgery is performed when other methods don’t seem to correct the urinary problems.

Before surgery is performed, a doctor may recommend other avenues such as bladder training which trains the bladder to empty in a timelier manner. Another way of bladder training is to schedule the potty breaks to become more routine at certain times. Management of fluids and diet will also be suggested. Reducing fluids, as well as weight will help, especially when exercise is included. Pelvic exercise such as kegels may be suggested. Medications and urethral inserts are also available for overactive bladders. When an overactive bladder doesn’t seem to react to the standard methods of treatment, urinary incontinence surgery will be an option to consider. With surgery comes some degree of discomfort. Also, the recovery time varies from person to person when urinary incontinence surgery is the chosen method of treatment.

The following are 10 tips for fast recovery of urinary incontinence surgery:

1. Drinking more fluids will lessen the pain of urinating after surgery.
2. Avoid stressful activities which made add complications to recovery.
3. Post surgical muscle spasms can be treated with medication.
4. Avoid straining with bowel movements.
5. Heavy lifting should be avoided after urinary incontinence surgery.
6. Avoid sexual intercourse for six weeks after surgery.
7. Do not use tampons or any other vaginal insertions.
8. Be sure and make follow up visits to the doctor.
9. If prone to bladder infections, request antibiotic with any sign an infection is brewing.
10. Kegel exercises should be performed for toning and strengthening.