Urinary Tract Infection Home Remedy – What to Use?

Urinary Tract Infection Home RemedyA bacterial infection affecting the urinary tract is called a urinary tract infection. Cystitis is one of the most common urinary tract infections which involves the lower urinary tract. When the upper bladder is infected with bacteria, this is known as pyelonephritis, the more serious of the two. Urinary tract infections are more common to women. However, a male urinary tract infection is also possible, especially in cases when an enlarged prostate is present. There are many symptoms of urinary tract infection, the most common being the urgency to urinate accompanied by pain and burning.

Urinary tract infection antibiotics are often used for these types of conditions. However, many will choose a urinary tract infection home remedy to cure the problem. What is considered to be the most popular urinary tract infection home remedy is the cranberry juice UTI treatment. Cranberry juice has been proven to give positive results for treating urinary tract infections. Reason being, this type of juice creates an acidic environment which keeps bacteria from attaching to the bladder wall. For added convenience as a urinary tract infection home remedy, cranberry also comes in capsule form and found at health food stores.

Another urinary tract infection home remedy is to drink a glass of water every hour on the hour until at least eight have been consumed. An abundance of fluids will better flush the bacteria with an increased flow of urine. Blending a teaspoon of baking soda in one of those glasses is said to increases one’s pH balance of acidic urine. It is suggested to make a conscious effort of drinking cranberry juice and having a filled water bottle available at all times for continuous bladder flushing. Such a urinary tract infection home remedy may save you from prescription medications to combat the infection.