Vaginal Bleeding with Bowel Movement – What to Do?

Vaginal Bleeding with Bowel MovementIf you have vaginal bleeding with bowel movement this can be a big cause for concern, and you may wonder what you should do about this symptom. There are a number of causes that can create this symptom, and these can range from mild to severe. Blood on toilet paper after bowel movement can be caused by an anal fissure or hemorrhoid, and these can usually be taken care of with home remedies. Another cause of vaginal bleeding with bowel movement can be vaginal yeast infections, and if this is the case then antibiotics or other medications can usually be prescribed by your doctor to clear up any infection and take care of the symptoms as well.

Vaginal bleeding with bowel movement may be the result of a sensitive cervix, and for some reason this is the cause and is not normally a reason for concern. Cervical cancer is another cause, and this condition needs to be treated immediately because otherwise it can be life threatening. You may also notice bowel mucus in your stool along with vaginal bleeding. Endometrial disorganization is another cause of bleeding from your vagina following a bowel movement.

If you notice bloody bowel movements or vaginal bleeding with bowel movement then the first step should always be a visit to your physician to determine the exact cause of your problem. Because this is a symptom that can mean a number of different conditions, only your doctor can rule out any serious condition like cancer that may require treatment. Your vaginal bleeding with bowel movement may not be anything to worry about and may be a minor inconvenience, but without a thorough medical evaluation and diagnosis there is no way to tell what the cause is and whether treatment is required. Not doing this can be a big mistake, and can lead to a serious condition becoming fatal because treatment was not received in time if you have cancer or another disease.