Vaginal Plastic Surgery – When Is It Really Needed?

Vaginal Plastic SurgeryRecently there has been a rise in the amount of vaginal cosmetic surgery being performed in the United States, but there are other reasons that you might be considering vaginal plastic surgery besides trying to obtain an aesthetically pleasing hoo-hoo.

Congenital defects, or those arising from birth, are often considerations for vaginal reconstruction. This could be to repair the look of the vagina, or to increase sensation to damaged tissue. In the same vein, trauma or injury might be another instance where this type of procedure is considered. There are also people who opt for this surgery because of sensation issues that interfere with sexual intercourse. These are all cases where vaginal plastic surgery might be needed as opposed to an elective procedure. Gender reassignment surgeries also employ the usage of this type of cosmetic surgery.

Designer vaginas, however, are becoming all the rage. While not a recognized procedure by the medical community, skilled, board certified surgeons routinely offer vaginal plastic surgery in their offices. There are several types of cosmetic surgery on the va-ja-jay available to you if you are considering altering your lady parts. The removal of the hymen, hymenotomy, or the “readdition” of a hymen is one type of procedure offered. Many people consider this method to be controversial. Vagina tightening or vaginal rejuvenation is another offered service. This is a surgical procedure in which the muscles of the vagina are restored and toned. It’s thought that this will undo damage done from childbirth and make for more pleasurable intercourse. Labiaplasty is another surgery that makes the outer folds of the external part of the vagina smaller. This is normally only cosmetic in nature.

No matter why you are considering vaginal plastic surgery, talk to your doctor about what you expect to get out of the procedure. If you are opting for this for non-medical reasons, make sure your expectations are realistic and that you fully understand the risks of the procedure that you are considering. Aside from the extremely high price tag of between $3000-$12000 dollars, there are long term effects such as over sensitivity and lack of sensitivity that should also be considered.