Vaginal Reconstruction Surgery Tips

Vaginal Reconstruction SurgeryWhen considering vaginal reconstruction surgery for the correction of congenital defects or trauma, it’s a tender undertaking. Board certified plastic surgeons are willing and able to correct the visible and functional problems associated with your vagina, if you are able to overcome the uncomfortable feelings you may be encountering when contemplating surgery of this special area of the body. This is why our first tip is to find a doctor you are extremely comfortable with. You are going to be talking to this person about your vagina – a lot. Shop around and make sure that the doctor you have selected for your vaginal reconstruction is the right one for you.

Our second tip is not to panic yourself with horror stories of plastic surgery gone wrong and google pictures of botched procedures on the internet all day. Speak to your selected surgeon about the specific risks regarding the type of vaginal reconstruction surgery procedure that you are having.

If you are having elective vaginal reconstruction surgery in order to tighten the vagina, have you attempted to put any effort in first? Our last tip is to try Kegel exercises before deciding that you need vaginal reconstruction surgery. Doing these exercises have given some people results in as little as 8-12 weeks, and the exercises are free, and can be done in your own home. However if you were planning on having labiaplasty or a hymenoplasty at the same time, Kegel exercises wouldn’t help any of these procedures.

Surgery on this special part of a woman’s anatomy is a delicate and sensitive process. The patient must have a good relationship with their selected doctor in order to maintain a good comfort level before, during and after the procedure. Other quick tips are to remember to thoroughly discuss recovery and healing with your doctor and make sure that you are aware of how long you will need to refrain from intercourse during the healing process. Discuss the risks and benefits beforehand such as the potential for hypo and hyper sensitivity and intercourse related side effects and make sure that you are prepared for all of these outcomes, which are largely unpredictable to your doctor. With the right pre-op decisions you can ensure that the post op period following your vaginal reconstruction surgery is as pleasant as can be expected.