Varicose Vein Removal Side Effects

Varicose Vein Removal Side EffectsLeg veins problems will often lead to some type of treatment if the vein problems are not resolved on their own. When compression stockings, losing weight, and exercising is just not enough to make the leg veins problems disappear, further treatment is rendered. This may include applying a simple cream to the varicose veins, electing laser therapy, or choosing a therapy which injects medication into the veins called sclerotherapy. Whatever the treatment may be, varicose vein removal side effects are always a possibility with most procedures.

The varicose vein treatment with the least side effects is the application of horse chestnut cream. The uncommon side effects include breathing difficulty, throat closing, lip, tongue, or facial swelling which all denotes an allergic reaction. Blood from the nose, urine, stool or gums is also a side effect. The other side effects which are uncommon but possible include muscle and joint pain, bruising, and rash. Heartburn and stomach upset have been occasionally reported with horse chestnut.

When varicose vein laser surgery is performed, there are a few minor side effects which do not last for very long. Varicose vein removal side effects from laser procedures include redness or swelling which will diminish after a few days, discolored complexion lasting up to two months, and burning with scars if the procedure is done incorrectly. Varicose vein removal side effects when sclerotherapy is performed include stinging and cramping at injection site as well as red skin patches which are each only temporary. Skin sores or bruising at injection site is possible, but only temporary. Brown lines surrounding the injected vein will also disappear after a short time. The treated vein may also be surrounded by tiny red blood vessels. Although it seems the side effects are many, all are thought to be temporary. Varicose vein removal side effects from a phlebectomy, or surgical vein removal, are numbness which is temporary, and little bruising.