Vascular Birthmarks – What Are My Options to Remove Them?

Vascular BirthmarksIf you have vascular birthmarks then exploring your options to eliminate them is the best course. Your options will depend on the specific type and severity of the birthmarks, and some are easier to remove than others. Port wine stains are one type of this birthmark, and these can be deep red or ruby colored.

If you have these vascular birthmarks then your removal options can include laser treatments, steroids, and other treatments. This type of discoloration affects around one in every three hundred children born, and usually grows and becomes more severe over time unless laser birthmark removal is started early.

A cafe au lait birthmark is another one of the vascular birthmarks. These spots are colored like coffee, which is where the name comes from, and they are permanent. These birthmarks do not fade over time, although you may lighten them some with medicated creams. Laser surgery is a good option to remove these spots.

A strawberry birthmark is the most common type, and can be scary when first seen on a newborn. These marks are bright red, and they are raised up off the skin. With these vascular birthmarks removal is not indicated unless the birthmark is interfering with activities like eating or seeing, or does not disappear by age ten.

Newborn birthmarks are quite common, and babies are born with these small pink marks already present. These spots can be called many other names, and are harmless. Normally this type of birthmark will fade and disappear with the first two years of life, and removal is not needed in most cases.

Vascular birthmarks come in a wide variety of types, shapes, colors, and locations. Your removal options will depend on all these factors. A visit to a specialist who treats birthmarks can help you determine all your choices, and make the right one for your specific situation.