Venapro Side Effects

Venapro Side EffectsVenapro is a homeopathic treatment for hemorrhoids. According to the manufacturer, there are no negative Venapro side effects. Venapro is sprayed under the tongue several times a day. The positive Venapro side effects are that it reduces the itching and pain of hemorrhoids. The manufacturer also claims that another of the Venapro side effects is the actual reduction of hemorrhoids over time. If decide to use this treatment, be sure to talk with both your doctor and pharmacist about any possible Venapro side effects and interactions with your current medications.

Hemorrhoids are enlarged veins that can occur inside the rectum (internal hemorrhoids) or even slip outside the rectum (external hemorrhoids). In the latter case, the blood vessel may be pinched off by the sphincter muscle and clots may form inside the vessel resulting in thrombosed hemorrhoids. It is important to check with your doctor if you have symptoms of hemorrhoids because other more serious conditions may have similar symptoms. Once the doctor has made the diagnosis of hemorrhoids, steps can be taken to shrink hemorrhoids. Your doctor is your best resource for learning how to get rid of hemorrhoids. For external hemorrhoids, you should gradually increase the amount of fiber in your diet. Drink plenty of water. There are ointments that you can purchase over the counter to relieve pain and itching. Stool softeners will make it easier to have a bowel movement, resulting in less strain on the veins. Regular exercise also keeps your regular. Most internal hemorrhoids will respond to the same treatment. In severe cases the doctor may do a procedure to cut off the blood supply to the hemorrhoid. Surgical removal is another option.
As with many other medical conditions, prevention is better than having to undergo treatment. An overall healthy diet and lifestyle goes a long way when it comes to preventing hemorrhoids in the first place.