Virtual Hip Surgery Game Review

Virtual Hip SurgeryHip surgery is done mostly to patients over fifty. In many instances, the patient will need the whole hip replaced or hip resurfacing. As with any surgery, it’s important that you are well informed on what the surgery will entail. There is a wonderful way to be informed what to expect during the surgical procedure. It’s called Edheads Virtual hip Surgery Game. There are several parts to this website. It’s an actual virtual hip surgery. It will take you step by step through the hip surgery. While this may not be good for those that are squeamish, you will definitely walk away understanding your upcoming surgery.

By playing the virtual hip surgery game, you will understand where your bone is cut, how the leg is moved to remove the hip joint and every other step of the process. While virtual hip surgery is not for everyone, it will help you know exactly what the doctor will be doing during the surgery.

As well as virtual hip surgery, and edheads virtual knee surgery, this website also shows hip resurfacing as well as anterior hip replacement. Even if you are not looking to have surgery, this website shows how to do some other things such as building a cell phone and crash scene. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Even though you may be a little more educated about your surgery by playing the virtual hip surgery game, it’s important that you are aware of any hip replacement complications that could arise. Complications of hip surgery are very uncommon. About ninety-eight percent of patients do not experience complications. Although very rare, some complications include blood clots in veins and legs, infection, loosening of the prosthesis from the bone and dislocation.

As with any surgery, you will want to speak with your doctor about any complications as well as what to expect after the surgery. Be sure you know what kind of physical therapy is needed if any.