Vitamin B12 Deficiency Dangerous Side Effects

Vitamin B12 DeficiencyThe most common result of vitamin B12 deficiency in both children and adults is anemia. In many cases, the symptoms of being anemic are not immediately known because they tend to be mild. However, just because you may not feel any vitamin B12 deficiency side effect doesn’t mean that you are healthy. In fact, being anemic may cause permanent and long-term damage to the nervous system.

There are various pernicious anemia causes, but most stem from not eating enough foods that have vitamin B-12. Vegetarians are more prone to having vitamin b12 deficiency simply because the food richest in this nutrient is not abundant in fruits and vegetables. You should study up on vitamin B12 food sources or take a supplement to avoid becoming anemic.

Another side effect of vitamin B12 deficiency is dementia, or a constant state of confusion. You may also experience a lack of balance, have cold and numb limbs and have trouble breathing. The best vitamin B12 deficiency treatment comes from eating a healthy and balanced diet.

Some of the milder side effects that you can expect to experience from a lack of vitamin B consumption include oral health complications, a compromised appetite and constant exhaustion. If you only have one or two of these milder side effects, you may not even know that you body is lacking in vitamins. This is why it is essential that you go to the doctor on a regular basis and have all blood work performed in a timely fashion. A simple blood test can show whether or not you are severely anemic.

Failing to consume enough vitamin B12 in food for a few days or weeks usually does not cause anemia. Expectant mothers can inadvertently cause their children to be anemic if they do not get proper prenatal care, and children can develop it if they do not have the proper nutrition growing up.

The good news is that this potentially dangerous form of anemia is highly treatable. In fact, you can stop experiencing the symptoms and completely reverse this condition with just a few weeks of supplement intake or a major change in diet.