Walking after Bunion Surgery – What to Do and What Not to Do?

Walking after Bunion SurgeryBunion surgery recovery takes anytime from 6 weeks to 6 months depending on how extensive your bones and soft tissues had to be corrected and how large your bunion was.

Walking after bunion surgery mainly depends on your surgeon’s recommendations, but generally, the larger the bunion, the longer it might take you to walk on your own.

With large bunions, orthopedic surgeon has to literally reposition your toe bone to straighten it that might require him to use screws and wires to hold the bone in place so it heals in a desirable position. Walking after bunion surgery will have to be delayed for at least 6-8 weeks since you will most likely be wearing a cast or a special foot gear to help provide ample support for your healing feet.

Walking after bunion surgery might take some getting used to since you might experience initial toe numbness, one of many possible bunion surgery complications. Follow all your surgeon’s recommendations, especially try to keep your foot elevated for the first 3-5 days to keep the swelling under control. In order to avoid most of the bunion surgery complications, make sure you do not put your weight on the healing toe or walk without special stiff-soled shoe to avoid re-injuring your foot.

Post surgery physical therapy will begin according to your surgeon’s vision on how your bones and soft tissues are healing. Physical surgery will help make walking after bunion surgery more comfortable over time and ensure that your toe joint doesn’t get too stiff.

Some people might think that laser bunion surgery can be a better solution to a conventional surgery and will allow them to start walking after bunion surgery faster and have less bunion surgery complications. Alas, laser bunion surgery on this day does not offer any advantages over traditional bunionectomy since laser can not vaporize your bunion bone.