Warts in Children – Top 10 Places Where Kids Might Get Them

Warts in ChildrenChildren with their developing immune systems and busy hands exploring the world around them are more likely to develop all kinds of raised and flat warts virtually anywhere on the body.

Wart in definition is a callous-like small growth on skin that can attach itself anywhere on the body; however there are some places that warts in children favor the most. These areas of the body tend to come in contact with various surfaces more often than others, since warts are considered contagious.

Warts in children are viral infections of the skin brought on by HPV (human papillomavirus) and could be picked up by sharing objects among children at school or during play, handshakes or towels.

Let’s highlight 10 most common places where children might get their warts.

1. Eye warts have to be the most unpleasant among all warts in children and are sometimes called fillform warts that mostly appear near eye lids or mouth areas. Facial wart removal should only be carried out in your doctor’s office, especially for eye warts, to avoid accidentally damaging your eyes by over-the-counter wart remedies. Some people swear by applying milky substance that appears at the end of a dandelion or marigold stems after you pick the flower to warts in children.

2. Fingers and hands are the most common spots that warts in children appear and could be contracted by a small cut in the skin after a contact with an infected object or person.

3. Mosaic warts favor hands and soles of children’s feet and appear as grouped small lesions of rough skin and are much harder to treat than common warts.

4. Some warts in children can even appear inside a child’s oral cavity and are very commonly seen among American Indian ethnic group.

5. Areas around the nail bed can sometimes become places where children might get flat warts that can be singular or grouped in nature.

6. Face is another common area where warts in children can manifest themselves. Some children get especially conscious if their flat warts show up on very obvious spots like nose, lips or cheeks.

7. Neck warts in children are especially hard to remove since the skin on the neck is so tender.

8. Wrists and back sides of the hands are other very common spots for warts in children to appear. Freezing warts like common and flat warts could be done at your doctor’s office by applying a liquid nitrogen spray on the affected area.

9. Warts in children can also mark knees and elbows and appear virtually anywhere on the body where an HPV virus can gain a point of entry.

10. Genital warts are very uncommon in children; however it’s not impossible to get them after using a towel after an infected with HPV individual.

Sometimes parents utilize the most surprising home remedies for wart removal as duct tape that can be applied to your child’s wart for a couple of days followed by a good soak in warm water. Once the wart gets soft, it can be easily removed with pumice board or a nail file. Sometimes it takes a couple or duct tape sessions to remove warts in children.