Water Retention Relief – Natural Remedies vs. Pills?

Water Retention ReliefIf you need water retention relief you may wonder which is better, pills or natural remedies, and the answer will depend on why you are retaining water as well as any medical conditions you have. Bloatedness in pregnancy is a common issue, and taking pills is not advised during pregnancy because of possible harm to the unborn child, except in certain circumstances where the amount of fluids being retained is extremely excessive and water retention relief becomes medically necessary. For most people, natural remedies are the best solution unless there is an underlying medical cause that makes the edema dangerous.

Water retention relief using pills can cause imbalances in your body, because many of these pills are very strong and have side effects which can be dangerous. Using diuretic foods and other natural home remedies instead will allow you to get rid of any retained water without dangerous side effects. Many foods and herbs may also act as a diuretic, but they use methods which are more gentle and do not carry the same risks. Green tea is one of the best natural diuretic foods, and this natural remedy is both safe and effective in most cases, even for female bloating. There are many other foods and herbs which work just as well, and these can be very beneficial in removing excess fluid from your body.

Pills for water retention relief are normally not the nest possible choice in most situations, because of the risks and possible dangerous side effects. Reducing your salt intake can help with a bloated belly or other water retention problems, and getting plenty of exercise can help your body remove any extra fluid before it can accumulate and cause edema. With some medical conditions, such as congestive heart failure or other serious problems, your doctor may advise that you take a prescription diuretic in addition to home remedies for water retention relief. This can occur when the retained fluid is threatening your health and safety, and must be removed immediately to prevent medical complications. If you are not sure why you are retaining fluid you should always check with your doctor.