Wavefront LASIK – What Is So Special About It?

Wavefront LASIKUsing 3D technology to digitally image the cornea, Wavefront LASIK is more complex than standard LASIK procedures. When traditional LASIK eye surgery has been unsuccessful or is not a viable option because of the specialized needs of a patient, Wavefront can be a great solution. Recovery times are nearly identical, but there are not as many corrective eye surgery centers equipped to handle this procedure. Given this information, it is understandable why Wavefront is viewed as a special and highly specialized version of traditional LASIK corrective eye surgery.

Whether a surgeon offers regular LASIK or Wavefront corrective eye surgery, attendance at an accredited LASIK eye institute or university is mandatory. In addition, the equipment needed to offer Wavefront LASIK services is extremely expensive. This means that only a small number of eye surgery centers can even give doctors the training that they would need to master their Wavefront corrective eye surgery skills.

Wavefront LASIK corrective eye surgery centers also need to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration. LASIK vision correction is still in its infancy stage. Doctors are still trying to perfect their techniques and gather information that can be used to fine tune these sensitive lasers. This is because there are still a few wearers of glasses and contact lenses that have not been able to benefit from Wavefront LASIK or any other similar procedure.

Overall, laser eye surgery reviews have been positive. When this procedure is performed by a skilled and dutiful surgeon, there is almost no chance of injury. Even those that do not regain any of their vision do not regret going through corrective eye surgery. Considering the fact that it can take as much as three to four months before the ultimate results are known, the few reported cases of minimal improvement may actually be attributed to poor post recovery habits. Wavefront may actually lead to more exciting eye surgery discoveries, and perhaps even give patients that have completely lost their vision a small glimmer of hope. Wavefront is currently the only technology that can scan corneas and restore vision without causing extensive scarring or injury to patients.