Weak Bladder Medication vs. Surgery

Weak BladderWhen people have incontinence they sometimes say that they have a weak bladder. There are different types of incontinence and not all can be attributed to a weak bladder. Bladder leakage could be the result of urinary tract infection rather than a weak bladder. Other symptoms of bladder infection include pain or burning during urination and an extremely urgent need to urinate without much urine actually being expelled. If a urinary tract infection is not the cause of incontinence, there are three basic types of incontinence that should be considered. Stress incontinence occurs when abdominal pressure is increased because of coughing, sneezing, laughing, or exercise and the weak bladder and pelvic floor cannot contain the urine. This type of incontinence can be caused by childbirth and pregnancy, prostate surgery, obesity, and some medications. Urge incontinence is the result of a bladder that is overactive. You have to go to the bathroom, but the urge is so strong that you may not get to the bathroom in time. Urge incontinence involves the nerves and muscles. Bladder medication may be helpful. Diabetes, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and stroke as well as bladder stones and infections may be to blame. Overflow incontinence happens when you can not completely empty the bladder. This may be caused by weak bladder, tumors, constipation or a blocked urethra. For people with this condition, urethral catheterization is an option. Catheters may be used on occasion or be kept in place for periods of time. The latter increases the risk of developing a urinary tract infection. Functional incontinence occurs when your physical condition prevents you from getting to the bathroom in a timely manner or in cases of dementia, when you just don’t remember what to do. In some cases, urinary incontinence surgery may be indicated to remove a blockage or enlarge the bladder. Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor and life style modifications can prove useful in managing incontinence.