What Are the Signs of Being Anemic?

Signs of Being AnemicRecognizing the signs of being anemic is an important step in preventing or managing this medical condition. The symptoms of being anemic will vary from one person to the next, but there are some common signs that are present in many people who suffer from anemia.

Anemia can be caused by a number of factors, including blood loss anemia, but all forms of this condition may show some of the same signs and symptoms. If your skin lacks color or seems very pale, this can be a sign of anemia. So can fatigue, so that you feel tired all the time and have no energy.

One of the common signs of being anemic is weakness, and you may also notice that your extremities are cold frequently. Your nails may become brittle, and you can also notice hair loss. Mental difficulty may also be noticed, so that you have problems concentrating or remembering at times.

Iron rich foods for anemia can help if you suffer from any of the signs of being anemic. These signs can include an enlarged spleen and increases in your heart rate. Both of these symptoms can become dangerous if not treated.

Irritability can be another of the signs of being anemic, one that is often overlooked. There are also some less common symptoms that can occur with anemia. Pica is a condition that is rarely associated with anemia, and with this symptom you will have an urge to eat unusual substances that are not food, such as dirt or soap.

Chest pains can also be signs of being anemic in certain circumstances, and so can certain sexual difficulties and dysfunctions. If you are experiencing unusual symptoms you should visit your physician to determine the problem. Many of the symptoms caused by anemia can be caused by other conditions as well.