What Causes Night Sweats During Menopause?

What Causes Night SweatsWondering what causes night sweats are a common concern of women reaching the menopausal age. Hot flashes and night sweats are a complex process involving a women’s endocrine system, hypothalamus responsible for regulating body temperature, blood vessels and sweat glands.

What causes night sweats during the menopausal years, and what can be done about them? Menopause night sweats and hot flashes are caused by an imbalance of hormones in your body. As you age your body starts to make less of estrogen, and the delicate hormonal balance is upset and must be stabilized again with fewer hormones in your older years. Because estrogen levels in blood fluctuate throughout the day, hypothalamus in the brain gets faulty messages of supposedly rising temperatures in the body and sets off a chain reaction to cool it down by dilating blood vessels and stimulating sweat glands. The result is waking up drenched in cold sweat. Similarly to menopausal night sweats, some women can experience PMS night sweats, although the hormone levels are fluctuating because of the menstrual cycle instead of age.

Just when you thought hot flashes and night sweats were bad enough, some women are facing menopause and panic attacks, a miserable combination, with hormonal fluctuations again playing a major role in this condition. When the body is going through major physical and chemical changes sometimes it may trigger a panic attack characterized by such symptoms as elevated blood pressure, increased heart rate, shortness of breath, severe anxiety and at times tingling sensations all over the body. The combination of panic attacks and menopause are still poorly understood, they may start abruptly and abruptly go away without a trace.

Understanding what causes night sweats and anxiety can help you take steps to prevent the problem or treat it so that you do not experience the symptoms anymore. Hormone replacement therapy has serious risks, and there are natural herbs and home remedies which may be just as effective at preventing and stopping what causes night sweats. One of the most popular home remedies is black cohosh for menopause, because this herb helps to minimize and eliminate the usual uncomfortable symptoms without any dangers or side effects. Black cohosh is a known phytoestrogen similar to soy and can not only address unpleasant night sweats and anxiety it can protect against rapid loss of bone mass in menopausal women.

Depleting estrogen levels are exactly what causes night sweats, and aging leads these levels to drop significantly. Whether the hot flashes occur during the day or at night they can be very uncomfortable, and cause you to feel like you are losing control. This condition is a very common cause of panic attacks while sleeping for older women, and for some the feeling of heat may become so severe that they will go out in the winter weather or climb in a cold tub of water just to cool off. Knowing what causes night sweats can help you choose the best way to deal with this problem, and minimize the number of times that it occurs.

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