Wheatgrass and Cancer Prevention

Wheatgrass And CancerCancer is a terrible illness. Even when treated and sent into remission, the disease causes agony to its victims and their families. There is no miracle cure for cancer, but many foods are showing promise for its prevention and contributions to overall health. Fruits and vegetables are packed full of vitamins and nutrients that help our bodies fight illness and achieve overall well being, and wheatgrass and cancer have recently been linked in new studies suggesting that wheatgrass powder and juice might contribute to more than just overall good health.

Wheatgrass and cancer don’t have a long history together as wheatgrass health benefits are only recently being explored. The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has suggested that further studies be conducted on wheatgrass benefits in treating ulcerative collitis with wheatgrass juice. The wheatgrass drink therapy on a small group showed promise because it seemed to reduce rectal bleeding and slow disease progression.

Wheatgrass and cancer were linked in a colon cancer study suggesting that chlorophyll, found in wheatgrass, could lower the incidence of this often deadly disease. While this is true for most green leafy vegetables, the popularity of juice bars serving wheat grass shots, a potentially beneficial drink, could prove to be more healthy than it is trendy and certainly a more convenient way to get your greens.

Breast cancer affects millions of women and is a terrible disease. Wheatgrass and cancer were paired in another study found that breast cancer patients who consumed wheatgrass juice required less blood building medications and less bone marrow building medications, while the effectiveness of their other therapies were not reduced or affected.

Cancer is a serious illness and no smoothie is going to cure it overnight. However, a healthy diet incorporating wheatgrass or any other vegetables and fruits that benefit the body will certainly make the body stronger and better prepared to fight disease and infection. So have a wheatgrass smoothie, or hit up a juice bar. It’s a fun, tasty way to give your body the vitamins and minerals it craves, and whether you are healthy or ill, your body will thank you.