Wheatgrass Juice Benefits For Skin, Hair and Weight Loss

Wheatgrass Juice BenefitsFirst it was pomegranates, then the acai berry. It seems as though every time a new fruit or vegetable is found it quickly rises to the top with claims that it somehow is superior to regular garden fruits and vegetables. Enter wheatgrass. Sounds tasty doesn’t it? Not really. It looks like grass. Wheatgrass juice looks like any juice that comes from squishing grass would look. But, somehow this apparent recent discovery has been touted as a front runner on the immune system booster list, and like many other purported superfoods, wheatgrass and cancer prevention have even been suggested. First of all, there have been few if any scientific studies showing that wheatgrass is anymore superior to its home grown cousins. Matter of fact, nutrient wise, it’s similar to broccoli and squash. Now, vegetables of any kind are certainly good for you, but are wheatgrass juice benefits superior to those of other grown goblins?

Like the old standby, yellow banana, wheatgrass contains a lot of potassium. Potassium helps improve muscles and enhance the skin. It’s safe to say that with higher potassium content, wheatgrass juice benefits could include improvement to the skin. That same surplus of potassium can also improve the condition of hair, meaning that wheatgrass juice benefits certainly can include cosmetic enhancements. Skin and hair require minerals and nutrients to be healthy and beautiful, and while wheatgrass juice might not be that different than broccoli or a banana, it certainly is chock full of good stuff your body needs anyways.
Recently, the studies that have been performed on wheatgrass juice have explored its potential benefits for weight loss. People are always looking for a food to eat to lose weight. News flash, the only food you can actually eat and lose weight while eating it is celery. But, wheatgrass and its juice, being nutrient packed provide the body with a satisfaction for nutrient cravings that can only be temporarily subdued with sweets and junk food if not fed with proper vitamins and minerals. The result is a body that is satisfied longer and less hungry. While the wheatgrass juice benefits as they relate to weight loss have yet to be proven, it is common knowledge that diets high in good vegetables and fruits, combined with a good exercise return lead to less cravings and a healthier weight.

Wheatgrass juice has shown lots of promise, and as studies are continued into wheatgrass health benefits and its effects on cancer patients and detoxifying the body, we may see a lot more of wheatgrass in the future. A common item on juice bar menus, wheatgrass is quickly becoming a growing phenomenon, and as long as it encourages a fad-crazy population to eat their vegetables, there is just nothing wrong with that!