Wheatgrass Powder Recipes – 3 Delicious Smoothies!

Wheatgrass PowderEveryone likes smoothies! Mostly. Everyone loves wheatgrass. What? That doesn’t even sound appetizing. Wheat is just so bland and wheaty, and who wants to eat or drink grass? People who are looking to get healthful vitamins and minerals in their diet that’s who! Wheatgrass powder can be used to make delicious smoothies that make a great breakfast or midday treat. When you don’t feel like getting spiffy to head to the juice bar for some wheatgrass shots, try one of these tasty drinks instead. It’s like having a V8, but hipper.

1. The Simply Green: Wash and cut up 2 stalks of celery and 4 large spinach leaves and juice them. Throw the mix in a blender with half a cup of parsley and blend. Add a sachet of organic wheatgrass powder and blend again and voila! Best part? It’s so green you can tell your friends it’s made from The Hulk’s tears after your iron enriched body whooped him in an alley.

2. Summer Shake: As if a shake made from grass isn’t summery enough, take it up a notch. Combine half a cup of vanilla soymilk with ½ a cup of frozen berries, (your choice, be daring!) a teaspoon of honey, a quarter of a banana (have fun trying to measure half of a half of a banana) and a sachet of wheatgrass powder to create a summery beverage that will give you a nice energy boost for a long day in the sun.

3. Tropical Smoothie: If you are feeling adventurous, and have some exotic fruit lying around, put it to good use. A tropical smoothie created by combining a sachet of wheatgrass powder, one guava, ¾ cup crushed pineapple with juice, ¾ cup lime juice, ¾ cup apple juice, and one small banana will have you singing “Cococabana” in no time.

Smoothies are a great treat, and adding wheatgrass powder can certainly increase the healthful benefits of your tasty drink. Read about wheatgrass facts and its health benefits to decide if it’s right for you, but don’t just walk around eating wheatgrass seeds, take that nutrient rich ingredient and make it into something fun and refreshing.