Wheatgrass Shots – How To Use Them in Detox Diet?

Wheatgrass ShotsDetoxifying the body doesn’t have to be a once a year thing. And thankfully, with wheatgrass shots, it is made possible. One of the better known wheatgrass juice benefits is detoxification as its natural composition has been suggested to decrease blood pressure, nourish the blood, and encourage healthy weight loss. A morning wheatgrass drink can not only provide energy, but also help ward off infections.

Add powdered form of this herbal remedy to a blend of juices and consume one ounce daily to release its detoxifying potential. Unlike other detox programs, wheatgrass shots can be taken daily to improve overall body function along with improving colon health and cleansing the liver. Your immune system might benefit too, because wheatgrass may just keep you from catching the flu according to some.

Wheatgrass is a versatile detox tool because it eliminates boredom. Its powder can be combined with a large variety of fruits and vegetables and their juices to create a large repertoire of tasty beverages. While satisfying and filling, wheatgrass shots should not be used as substitute for meals. A healthy diet, even when detoxifying, should include many fruits and vegetables, along with all the other things on that food pyramid thing you haven’t looked at since seventh grade. It is suggested that you begin your detox after consuming a lot of alcohol, strenuous exercise, or a big meal.

One of the wheatgrass facts that you should know and might not is that even though its is healthy and fulfilling, your intake should be limited. So no three day wheatgrass binges. Like everything else, moderation is key. Too much of this health food can cause nausea and diarrhea, two of the only known wheatgrass side effects. To prevent such overload, limit your intake of wheatgrass shots to one a day and see how your body tolerates it.

Supplement your intake with a healthy diet and proper exercise and don’t get carried away, you’re trying to care for your body. It didn’t get dirty overnight, and it’s not going to get clean overnight either. With proper use, wheatgrass might not only detoxify your system, but provide you with some freebie health benefits along the way.