Which Breast Augmentation Procedure Is Best?

Breast Augmentation ProcedureWhat I knew about boob jobs was limited to say the least, so imagine my surprise upon finding out that the good old clear boobie inserts weren’t the only way women were increasing their bust lines. While still the most popular breast augmentation procedure, silicone and saline implants aren’t the only gig in town. So, if you’re not into good old teardrop breast implants a-la silicone, tune in for some of the new natural breast augmentation procedures available to entice the bust challenged.

Behold the all purpose booby poofer, fat transfer breast augmentation, a very new breast augmentation procedure. By taking fat you don’t want somewhere else and sticking it in your ta-tas, you’re combining liposuction and breast implants all in one. But buyer beware, there is still risk involved here. You’re technically having two surgeries, and can expect possibly just as many side effects. Fat transfer breast augmentation cost can also be staggering, so save your sheckles if you’re looking at this as an option.

Would you like some botulism with your boobies? Well, then you’re in luck because botulism assisted boob jobs are an up and coming breast augmentation procedure. By utilizing the muscle paralyzing effects of botox during a routine breast implant, docs can now decrease the drop period in breast implant recovery, making your bosoms look like their desired end result in a much faster time. It’s more comfortable too, with patients reporting less pain and discomfort from weirdo muscle spasms.

Everyone remember the lady who was pumping up butts with fix-a-flat? Well, what she did was illegal, but she may have kind of been on to something. Overseas, women are getting their breast poofed with injectable fillers (although not from the automotive aisle). This practice isn’t available here, but could be available in years to come if deemed safe. This breast augmentation procedure isn’t permanent though, so unless you want to buy new bras every 12 months, plan on repeat visits.

If you’re not into any of the new wave chest enhancers, you can always opt for the old standby inserts that have been modified and updated for over 50 years. Technological breakthroughs have made this method of enhancement safer and more reliable. No matter which type of augmentation you are considering, don’t make the choice alone. Speak to a reputable surgeon about the pros and cons, and make sure that you work with them to determine the best type of surgery for you.