White Coating on Tongue – How to Get Rid of It?

White Coating on TongueA white coating on tongue is a possible result of various conditions. If not brushed regularly, there can be a white film on tongue developing which is a buildup of dead skin cells. White coating on tongue can also be a result of dehydration, especially during the hot summer months. If the white coating on tongue develops while on medication, this may be a case known as candida or thrush, which is an over accumulation of fungus on the tongue due to medications. A white film on tongue can be accompanied by a cold sore on tongue, scratchy throat, or canker sores on the tongue. If a white coating on tongue is convoyed along with a sore throat, fever, or rash, a doctor prescribed medication is most likely needed, especially if there is a chance of strep throat being present. Untreated strep throat will lead to other serious illnesses like kidney dysfunction or rheumatic fever.

It seems there are reputable home remedies for many types of situations, health and otherwise. There are home remedies for the common cold. There are also sore throat home remedies and remedies for white coating on tongue which are all similar in many ways. One of the common home remedies for several oral conditions is to drink plenty of fluids for sufficient hydration. Brush the tongue and teeth with a soft bristled brush several times a day. Rinsing the mouth a few times a day with a salt water mixture will help rid a tongue of white coating. Swishing the mouth with hydrogen peroxide is also thought to be helpful. Drinking green tea is known for eliminating bacteria buildup in the mouth.

Whatever method is desired, these suggestions are commonly used by many and have been for numerous years. If something serious is lurking around in the mouth, know when to see a doctor for proper treatment. At any cause, there are remedies to rid the tongue of a white coating.