White Toenail Fungus Treatment Options

White Toenail FungusSurprisingly there is more than one type of toenail fungus, with white toenail fungus being the most commonly occurring. All forms of nail fungi can grow on all different types of people, no matter how hygienic you are. However, white toenail fungus tends to develop more in persons that use public pools, changing rooms, gyms and share shoes. In other words, the more likely that a large amount of shoe-less people pass through an area, the more cases of white and black toenail fungus there are likely to be.

The easiest way to identify a fungal nail infection is to inspect the nail bed. Your first clue will be any discolored area, or spots where the nail itself appears to be misshapen. If your nails have become unusually brittle, easily chip, have a strange smell or have grown thicker than usual, you might have fungi growing in the area.

When choosing a nail fungus cure, you have to keep a few things in mind. Many prescription drugs are available to treat white toenail fungus, but they also have some potentially harmful side effects. People with liver disorders may not be able to take any of these medications as nail fungi drugs filter through the liver.

Toenail fungus laser treatment will instantly get rid of the problem, but your pockets will also be a lot lighter. In addition, this type of treatment method will not prevent the fungi from returning again. If you do not go to a clinic that you trust, you may also be left with other medical issues such as burns around the toes.

Topical creams are heavily relied on to clear up foot fungi such as athlete’s foot, but your success may be hit or miss. Another way to take care of white toenail fungus is with a reliable home remedy. White vinegar soaks are highly recommended as is tea tree oil. As long as you don’t have an allergy to either one of these ingredients, you can solve your foot fungus woes and save a substantial amount of money at the same time. Try out as many different solutions as you need to finally get your feet back into top shape.