Witch Hazel for Hemorrhoids – How Does This Remedy Work?

Witch Hazel for HemorrhoidsWitch hazel is a shrub or a small tree that has been prized by Native Americans for generations due to its magical medicinal properties. Native Americans did not have a lot of modern day medicine at their disposal and had to utilize various botanical compositions to heal cuts, wounds or inflammations received in battles or in their difficult every day lives.

Europeans were first introduced to witch hazel in the mid 18th century after witnessing many wounds and trauma being cured by application of witch hazel poultices made from the bark of this incredible shrub by Indian chiefs.

Nowadays, witch hazel is used for a myriad of maladies from acne to natural cure for hemorrhoids due to its astringent properties.

If you are looking for answers on how to get rid of hemorrhoids, witch hazel might just be the answer for your immediate rectal itching relief.

Since hemorrhoids are enlarged veins located inside and outside the anal area, natural tannins in witch hazel for hemorrhoids can successfully shrink and soothe inflamed tissues of the anus. Witch hazel for hemorrhoids will also shrink hemorrhoids and calm down your burning, itching and overall uncomfortable sensations.

Witch hazel for hemorrhoids can be obtained in a variety of forms like creams, gels, or medicated pads soaked in a witch hazel solution. Apply witch hazel to your rectal area after each visit to the toilet to shrink hemorrhoids and relieve anal itching. If you have hemorrhoids that have opened up and bleeding, soak a clean cloth with witch hazel for hemorrhoids, place it in the freezer to get it really cold and apply to your tender areas. Witch hazel will shrink anal blood vessels, stop the bleeding and help reduce inflammation.