Yasmin Side Effects – Dangerous or Not?

Yasmin Side EffectsIf you have watched television past eleven at night, you may have stumbled across a commercial or two featuring an attorney, or someone pretending to be one, that spends 20-30 seconds scaring the bejesus out of every woman who has ever taken birth control. One of the more popular targets of these purportedly helpful resource ads is Yasmin, a very popular choice amongst birth control pills. These commercials claim that Yasmin side effects include everything from cancer to death and that if you or someone you know has had an adverse or serious reaction to Yasmin, you should give said legal beagle a call.

There are some people who have experienced very serious yasmin side effects, and very, very rarely, have died as a result of associated complications. For instance, and in extremely rare occurrence, pulmonary embolisms that have been fatal have been reported. Does this mean that you shouldn’t take Yasmin? Well, that will be up to you to decide. You will have to weigh the pros and cons of Yasmin and other oral contraceptives with your health care provider and decide if the risk of using Yasmin outweighs the benefits. More common Yasmin side effects experienced by users are changes in mood and appetite, weight gain, menstrual and sexual drive changes, gastrointestinal ails such as vomiting and gas and breast and vaginal abnormalities including itching, swelling and tenderness. What’s notable is that these Yasmin side effects are common with many “lady” procedures and medications and some side effects of birth control pills vary little from other medicines, procedures, devices or even abortion side effects, with menstrual changes and tummy troubles being the most common even in levonorgestrel side effects, the active hormone in Mirena IUDs.

All medications bear side effects and even herbal and natural remedies do as well. This is why your doctor will discuss Yasmin side effects with you when prescribing any medication to ensure that you understand the risks associated with taking the medicine you are being given. There is no question that Yasmin can cause serious health risks; however there is some evidence to suggest that it’s also effective in reducing the incidence of certain types of cancer such as ovarian cancer. Therefore, as with any medicine, there are pluses and minuses to be evaluated prior to use. Remember that if your health care provider is advising you to take a medication, it’s because he or she has determined the benefit to you to be greater than the risk, so whether you’re trying to figure out how not to get pregnant, or simply considering birth control to help manage unpleasant menstrual symptoms, talk to your doctor to ensure that Yasmin is right for you, and be proactive by watching for and reporting any unusual or recurring Yasmin side effects to your doctor to ensure proper treatment and assessment.