Zinc Gluconate Supplements Benefits and Dosage

zinc gluconate supplementsZinc gluconate may sound like a very fancy term; however the compound is merely designed as a delivery device for the supplementation of this common but essential mineral. Considering the abundance of health benefits of zinc, it’s not a wonder that people who do not commonly consume foods that contain it often elect various forms of zinc supplements

, like the gluconate form, to ensure that they are getting enough. If you are considering zinc gluconate supplements, you are likely wondering about the benefits of same, and what the proper dosage is for you. We’ll explore both of those ideas to help you decide if this product is right for you.

One of the most popular usages of zinc gluconate supplements is for the control of the common cold. While unable to act as a cure for this common malady, recent studies have shown that a significant reduction in both the duration and severity of cold symptoms is possible in people using zinc gluconate supplements. Positive results aside however, the available studies offered little insight into proper zinc dosage or best ingredient blend meaning that while effective, caution should still be used when battling the common cold with this essential nutrient. Aside from potentially helping ease the symptoms of the common cold, zinc in itself is tremendously important to numerous body functions. For instance, many of the growth and repair functions of the body rely in whole or in part, on this naturally occurring mineral. Additionally, the immune system is although thought to depend in some ways on zinc. Sensory functions like smell and taste also rely in some ways on this essential. Zinc gluconate supplements may be useful for some people who are unable to get zinc from their diets, or used in those who are displaying signs of zinc deficiency symptoms, which is more common in developing countries.

There is not as much readily available data regarding the accurate dosage of zinc gluconate supplements as there should be. The standard dose is set between 105 mg. to 350 mg. per day, and most over the counter products contain anywhere between 15 mg. and 50 mg. in various forms such as pills, drops or capsules. However, there are some powders, such as those sometimes used by body builders that provide much larger doses with some going as high as 500 mg. You will want to avoid these and ensure that you are not taking too much or too high of a dose of zinc gluconate supplements. There are potential effects from taking too much or from toxicity as a result of overuse. Side effects involving the endocrine system and gastrointestinal tract have been reported in people who overuse various types of zinc supplements.

Pills and capsules, powders and tinctures can all be great ways to supplement a diet that may be devoid or lacking of vital nutrients. In many cases, they help the body to function properly or improve function at some level. However, there are considerations that you should evaluate before trying this or any other supplement such as drug interactions or interactions with health problems that you may have. That is why a consultation with a health care provider is essential before starting any supplements to make sure that they are safe for you to take.