Zocor Side Effects – Myths and Facts!

Zocor Side EffectsZocor side effects range from the mild to the severe. Every individual case will be unique, so while one person may have absolutely no statin drugs side effects while on Zocor, others will be severely impacted. What you should know is that there are a lot of myths associated with this statin drug that are completely untrue. Find out how Zocor really works to help dispel the myths.

Myth #1: Zocor can cause blindness.

Fact: It absolutely does not cause users to go blind. While Zocor has been used by some people who have later gone blind, it is not known to cause blindness by itself. Some media outlets have reported that it caused patients to lose their eyesight, but those persons were actually on a combination of medications.

Myth #2: All cholesterol medications have the same side effects.

Fact: Some Zocor side effects that you may experience include; increased risk of developing the common cold or the flu, diarrhea, stomach pains, nausea, bloating and flatulence. Estimates from doctors show that only a small fraction of those on Zocor ever experience these side effects.

Myth #3: Zocor doesn’t have any serious side effects.

Fact: Zocor side effects can become extreme if a patient experiences them in tandem. Having the occasional cold may not be a big deal, but being nauseous, having stomach pains and having excessive bloating all the type could impede your life. This is why it is imperative that you report each and every side effect that you encounter while on the drug.

Myth #4: You have to use Zocor or similar drugs in order to lower cholesterol levels.

Fact: Trying to lower cholesterol naturally will only be an option if you have been advised by your doctor to stop taking Zocor. In many cases, you will simply be put on a different type of cholesterol medication. Most people have no Zocor side effects because they have followed the directions of their physicians. In addition, those with minor side effects can have their dosages decreased until they no longer feel the bad effects.

Myth #5: People with marginally high cholesterol levels are routinely prescribed this type of statin drug.

Fact: Chances are, if you have been prescribed Zocor, it is because your doctor feels that you really need it. Having high cholesterol levels is very dangerous, especially when this condition is left untreated. Take it as you need it and enjoy a higher quality of health.

Myth #6: Zocor and Simvastatin are the same drugs.

Fact: People are also prone to get Zocor mixed up with Simvastatin, which is another cholesterol lowering medication. Simvastatin side effects are completely different from those of this type of statin. You can read just about any cholesterol medications list to find out more about similar statins