Zyrtec Side Effects in Children

Zyrtec Side EffectsChildren are prone to experience mild or moderate Zyrtec side effects. However, Zyrtec is regularly prescribed to children as young as two years old. This indicates that it is relatively safe, especially when compared to OTC allergy medication. Know what all of the zyrtec side effects are so that you can be better prepared to protect your child.

The main Zyrtec side effects are stomach ache and pain, diarrhea, sore or itchy throat, vomiting and nosebleeds. However, it is important to note that Nasonex side effects are more numerous and more serious than those associated with Zyrtec. In addition, there is a strong possibility that your child will never experience any of these side effects while on the antihistamine.

Zyrtec comes in liquid form, so it is imperative that you follow the dosing instructions. Your child may have some negative zyrtec side effects if you give him or her too large of a dose. Loratadine is also a drug used to treat allergies in children. Because Loratadine side effects are a little more unpredictable, it is not often prescribed to very young kids. Loratadine is the scientific name for Claritin, which is sold in drug stores without a prescription.

Dry mouth and yellow colored skin and eyes can also occur when children take Zyrtec. This is not likely to occur, but you should still lookout for these side effects nonetheless. Your child may feel dizzy when first prescribed this med Although small children are not always able to vocalize their feelings, you can pay close attention to see if this side effect has occurred.

Zyrtec is just as effect in kids as non-medically approved natural allergy remedies. The only difference between the two is that with the latter, your child is guaranteed to get results. If you are nervous about putting your child on a prescription drug for allergies at a young age, you can ask your doctor to perform comprehensive blood testing. This will ensure that only a safe level of medicines remains in your child’s bloodstream at all times. If your child’s allergies are bad enough to warrant prescription medication, be assured that your doctor will have exhausted all non-prescription options first.